The Department of Health – Regional Office VIII (DOH – RO VIII) shall work within, while maximizing, its mandates as it strives to be the best, proactive leader and steward of health in Eastern Visayas. It shall provide technical assistance to stakeholders involved in health; maximize policy development and implementation so as to better steer health and its outcomes; ensure quality health care through its licensing and regulatory functions; utilize and conduct health researches towards evidence – based, proactive decision – making and health leadership; and it shall conduct monitoring and evaluation practices to track health progress, ensure the achievement of health outcomes, and assess and document the practices utilized in its achievement.


1. Develops regional health programs / projects and health systems plans in consonance with national policies, goals and objectives
2. Monitors and evaluates implementation of health programs / projects and health systems by the LGUs and other partners
3. Provides advisory and technical assistance to implementing units and partners on health programs / projects and health systems
4. Designs / operationalizes advocacy and other health promotion and education activities
5. Provides logistical assistance to LGUs, POs, and NGOs
6. Establishes and fosters continuous coordination, linkages and alliances with LGUs, POs, and NGOs
7. Provides direct service on priority diseases and other major public health concerns
8. Develops / conducts / participates in researches relative to health service delivery and health systems at local levels
9. Enhance capability of LGUs in managing and sustaining local health system
10. Assist and coordinates with LGUs in managing and sustaining local health systems

1. Develops plans and programs related to health human resource planning, training development and management
2. Handles budget cycle process
3. Provides relevant financial and operational infrastructures
4. Support service arm that oversees, handles, and controls all financial transactions of the office
5. Chief custodian of all public documents, office orders, and personnel records of the office
6. Accounts for all the properties of the office, monitors the compliance to safety requirements of buildings and ground facilities, and see to it that policies of good housekeeping and healthy workplace are complied

1. Evaluates applications for licensing of health facilities prior to endorsement to Central Office
2. Issues initial and renewal of licenses of health facilities, including laboratories, dental facilities, and water analysis laboratory
3. Monitor health facilities, clinical laboratories, drug testing laboratories, blood service facilities, dental clinics, water analysis laboratories and X – Ray facilities for its compliance with regulatory standards
4. Provide technical assistance to stakeholders regarding health facilities regulation