Press Release | 17 April 2020

The Department of Health – Eastern Visayas Center for Health Development informs the public that there is one additional case of COVID-19 in the Region. This brings the total COVID-19 confirmed case to five (5).

The confirmed case is a 58-year-old, female from Burauen, Leyte with a history of travel from Guam (February 2020) and arrived in Manila last March 9, 2020. She stayed in Manila for 2 days then on March 13, 2020 arrived in Burauen, Leyte via a private vehicle together with 16 individuals composed of relatives and friends. All 16 passengers are asymptomatic at the moment. Symptom of sore throat was noted by the patient on March 23 followed by fever, headache and vomiting on the following day which prompted her to seek consult at the Rural Health Unit of Burauen but was referred to EVRMC. Upon triage in the EVRMC she was classified as a Mild PUI. She was advised strict home isolation for 14 days with medication. April 6, 2020 was supposed to be the end of the isolation. However, her symptoms persisted so she continued to isolate herself. On April 8, thru the effort of the Local Government Unit she was tested positive thru Rapid Antibody-based Test (Immunologic Method) for COVID-19 and was tested again twice with the same result hence, the referral to the DOH Regional office for confirmatory testing. Last April 13, an oropharyngeal swab was taken, sample sent  to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu and just yesterday the result came which is RT-PCR positive for COVD-19. She was transferred yesterday to our referral hospital for observation and management. She is the 5th Covid-19 patient detected here in Region 8. This is not a local transmission.

For the information of everyone, on the national DOH tracker, another confirmed case was added to Eastern Visayas. A 30-year-old, male from Caibaan, Tacloban City was counted as one of the cases of Region 8. However, he was tested positive for the virus in the National Capital Region (NCR). This is the 4th time a confirmed COVID-19 patient from Eastern Visayas but is currently in the NCR and on the national DOH tracker, the patient was placed under our Region’s count, causing another confusion on our part. DOH EV will coordinate with the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM) and the NCR surveillance regarding this matter. It was previously agreed that those with six (6) months current address outside their permanent address shall be reported in the place of occurrence.

“We have already raised our concern to the Central Office regarding the actual reflection of the current addresses of the patients. This type of reporting creates confusion and panic to regions who actually don’t have the patients in their area. We are hoping that this will be resolved soon just like what happened to the previous reporting.” Dr. Molon said.

Currently, there are 216 suspected cases with 12 deaths in Eastern Visayas. The deaths recorded are from Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) and these are not confirmed cases.