Press Release / May 15, 2020

Department of Health- Eastern Visayas received today the results of 156 sample specimens tested at Eastern Visayas Regional COVID-19 Testing Center (EVRTC).

Of the 156 sample specimen tested,  four (4) turned positive (Patient EV-21 to EV-24) and these are all from Tarangnan, Samar. The new confirmed cases are the close contacts of the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the area.

The new four confirmed cases are Patient EV-21, is a  42 year-old, male; Patient EV-22 is a 63 year-old, male; Patient EV-23 is a 18 year-old, female and Patient EV-24 is a 21 year-old female.

Patient EV-21, EV-23 and EV-24 will be brought to the identified local Community Isolation Unit for medical assessment and isolation while Patient EV-22 will be referred to the Samar Provincial Hospital since he belong to the vulnerable group.

Community transmission has been continuing in Tarangnan, Samar for a month already and the  cases continue to rise as mass testing was conducted. A non-pharmaceutical intervention such as setting-up of community isolation unit for the suspects, observing social distancing and staying at home must strongly be enforced to interrupt the ongoing transmission and reduce the spread of infection.

“We will continue  the intensive contact tracing and massive mass testing in Tarangnan, Samar since community transmission is still there in the area. We will prioritize assisting the two  barangays with reported cases and those who are high risk and belong to the  vulnerable group close contacts. We would like also to appeal to the people in the community, to strictly follow the protocols given by the local government to prevent COVID-19 to further infect another, otherwise, the whole Tarangnan will be in much worse situation”, Dr. Molon said.

As of today, a total of 24 confirmed cases in the region, of which 19 cases come from Tarangnan, Samar.