April 7, 2020


Department of Health – Eastern Visayas Center for Health Development announces that out of the 35 samples sent to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) in Cebu, two (2) turned-out positive for COVID-19.

The fourth confirmed case is a 56-year-old, female, from Tarangnan, Samar and the fifth confirmed case is a 32-year-old, female also from Tarangnan, Samar. Both new cases were in contact with the second confirmed case from Calbayog City.

As of this time, the Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit of the office is in Tarangan to do the contact tracing especially those in contact with these two new confirmed cases two days prior to the appearance of their respiratory symptoms. They will also facilitate the transfer of these new confirmed cases to the referral hospital for proper management and monitoring.

To contain the spread of the virus to the nearby municipalities the Local Chief Executive is advised to strictly enforce the enhanced community quarantine. It is further encouraged that the possible contacts to come out in the open and not to be ashamed since their cooperation is of utmost importance to stop wider spread of the virus in the community.

“With the recent report of our COVID-19 cases, this means that there is already a local transmission in the Region, particularly in Tarangnan. I would like to put emphasis on the importance of staying at home, and observe strict home isolation if you have symptoms. This is to stop the spread of the virus,” Director Molon said.

“On the brighter side, we would like to announce that the sample of the PUI from Tacloban City who died a couple of days ago, is negative for the virus. Therefore the cause of his death is not due to this deadly virus. COVID-19 needs to be stopped from spreading. This virus cannot survive without a host. There are two fronts in this fight. The first line is you, your family and the community. And the health system is the second line of defense. In Region 8 we only have 89 hospitals with only 3, 802 beds to serve the 4.7 million populations. We have a better chance of winning this fight if each and every one of us will do our part. Stay at home and practice social distancing to stop accelerating community transmission of this dreaded virus,” Dr. Molon concluded.