Road Safety Month_Symposium of RTI

The Department of Health Regional Office No. VIII, spearheaded the conduct of symposium on Road Traffic Injury (RTI) on May 5, 2017.

It started with a motorcade along the national highway of Leyte Provincial Capitol, Tacloban City to Oriental Hotel, Palo, Leyte, participated by National Government Agencies such as DTI 8, LTO 8, LTFRB 8,VSU,PNP 8, EVRMC, Highway Patrol Group, DPWH, Office of Civil Defense 8, EVSU, Local Government Unit of Palo and the Philippine Army 6th Brigade; non-government organization like the TOMECO, DELTA, RADNET 5, FEVMA, Tacloban Rescue Unit (TACRU), and Tacloban City Hospital.

DOH-RO VIII Assistant Regional Director Dr. Paula Paz M. Sydiongco in her welcome message disclosed that RTI has a health impact and becomes an economic burden. She added that it is the country’s 4th leading cause of death in the country and 3rd in the region. It is also considered as the Disease of Urbanization to include RTI and other injuries, drug abuse and mental health.

Speakers were members of the RTI Technical Working Group (TWG). They gave emphasis on Road Safety; that the reasons of road traffic accidents are over speeding, drunkenness, reckless driving, lack of traffic signs, rain and others.
Tips for a safety road use were highly emphasized. They were: check vehicle before using, speed limit in highway is only 60- 80 kph, check your rear view/ side mirror before changing lanes, use proper turn signals at the right time, put safe distance between your car and the one before you; at night, observe using beam lights, never use high beams unless necessary.

Mr. Ronald Gorgonia, Medical Technologist of the blood bank of EVRMC pleaded the group to volunteer to donate blood, to save lives especially victims of road traffic accidents. Blood donation was also part of the celebration of the Road Traffic Injury for the reason that during accidents there is a need for blood. Do not allow yourself to be counted as a blood recipient but rather as a donor, observe traffic rules at all times.